Tummy Control Swimwear

Shape wear swimwear


There was once a time when women dreaded going swimming or going to the beach because they hated being seen in a swimsuit. They’re not traditionally the most flattering item of clothing and can make some women feel self conscious and exposed. But now, top lingerie and control wear companies have created what all women have been wishing for – tummy control swimwear, also known as shape wear swimwear. If you’ve never come across it before, shape wear swimwear basically means a swimsuit that incorporates a clever tummy control panel that supports you around the middle and sometimes around the bottom like a pair of control pants or a body shaper. They are made from special power mesh fabrics that look and feel very similar to normal swimsuit material yet work like a dream on your figure. If you’ve never tried wearing a tummy control swimsuit before then you’ll love the way it will make you look and feel. You can say goodbye to the beach blues and say hello to beach confidence!

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--> Posted by chiccurvy on July 15, 2015