Queen of hearts plus size costume

Queen of hearts plus size costume; plus size attire inspired from the fantasy world of wonderland who rules her kingdom from her wonderful heart shaped castle. That royal princess of hearts is the one lady who no one wants to mess with, as the fiction says. She has an immense group of card shaped soldiers protecting the castle and the queen from her enemies. The same fiction was seen in the movie “Alice in wonderland” where queen of hearts played a negative role. The dress is designed in different avatars for different users. Queen of hearts plus size costume for adults are much of reveling sexier version mostly.


Queen of hearts plus size costume.

Elite gown queen of hearts plus size costume:  A combination of red black and white, the dress is for plus size women. The dress has a deep neckline attached with a corset till waist and a lot many details with it. It is a full length gown having red hearts in the front. The dress is perfect for a Halloween parties and Halloween style ball.

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