Plus Size Punk Clothing

Last updated on November 5th, 2016 at 10:53 pm

Plus size punk clothing is bold, and is a statement that you make with your look about your personality. Punk is all about self-expression and putting yourself out there, so just because you have a few extra curves on you, doesn’t mean you need to hold back.

Here are a few different plus size punk clothing ideas for the “riot grrrl” on the go:


Plus Size Punk Clothing,

Goth Punk:

Goth punk fashion is avant-garde and can be very chic if you put together the correct ensemble. A lot of girls over-accessorize thinking that just because you’re going for the Goth look, you can pile on spiky chokers with lacy headbands and studded bracelets. Consistency is key, so choose one.

The best thing about wearing Goth is that dark slimming colors are your best friend. Black, Navy Blue and Dark Grey are your basic Gothic punk colors which you can use as a color-key when you choose your outfit.

One fun ensemble that you can put together when you’re going for Goth plus size punk clothing is to get a steel bone corset, and pair it with a dark lacey jacket along with a black tapestry skirt. If you’re going for a full-length skirt then wear simple heels to match your corset, or if you wear a skirt that’s knee-length or higher, wear them with black lace-up boots. Wear your hair in curls, and tie a dark ribbon in it to complete the look.

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