Plus Size Board Shorts 5 best outfits

Plus size board shorts are the one perfect item of clothing that are absolute necessities to back when or if you ever find yourself planning a trip to the beach or anywhere that is even remotely warm and you will need to be cool. You may be wondering how on earth you will style these shorts that are not exactly plain, and can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and patterns. Don’t worry though, because they do come in plus sizes, and below are 5 different ways that you can look amazing in board shorts this upcoming summer and spring.


Plus Size Board Shorts

The first way to style and wear plus size board shorts is to purchase them in a quirky and very bold and graphical multi color, such as the picture that has been selected above. These shorts are perfect to wear with otherwise plain colors, because the shorts themselves really give you all the color you need in the outfit, taking away any sort of worry that would otherwise come alongside trying to work board shorts. They are stylishly tied at the waist, and would look great with plain white shoes and accessories.


These plus size board shorts are a little longer in length, ending at about the knee, and that would make them perfect for anyone trying to preserve a little modesty when out at the beach. They are black and white in color, with a white string to pull them tight around your waist, and are worn, in the picture at least, with a black and white striped bathing suit as it seems. These shorts can also be used as a cover up if that’s what you’d like after frolicking all day in the sea.


Here is another way to wear plus size board shorts in a cute way, even as a cover up if that’s what you find yourself wanting from them. These shorts are a very unique sort of ombre design and color, ranging from a dark blue and bleeding into a lighter shade of the same color. The white trimmings and laces give a very oceanic and beach ready flair, it is perfect for the setting at hand. These shorts would match perfectly with a white tank top and pair of white tennis shoes or even wedged heels if you feel daring or up to it enough.


This final pair of plus size board shorts are very simple yet along with that they are also very versatile in the sense that they can be worn and matched with almost anything in the sense of swimwear and beachwear. For example, these shorts are a darkened navy color and end around mid thigh, the design has a thick waist with accents of white liner running along it along with a thick white cord lacing it up and together. These shorts would look great paired with either a black or white monochrome or greyscale swimsuit or tight tank top, along with a pair of sunglasses and maybe even a white backpack or even a black one, whatever your mood is on the day.

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