Tackling Plus Size Renaissance Clothing!

Last updated on October 9th, 2017 at 09:37 am

Plus size Renaissance clothing is widely available in the market today, with beautiful styles that perfectly describe the Renaissance era! The Renaissance was the turning point in fashion, when looks became deeply embedded in how people felt about themselves and others. Tailoring was completely transformed by the introduction of new materials and innovative techniques in cutting and sewing, as well as the new found desire for a tighter fit to emphasize bodily form. Merchants expanded markets by making chic accessories such as hats, bags, gloves and hairpieces.

If you have an appetite for Renaissance styles, then follow are simple list to achieve the ultimate look from this golden era!



Plus Size Renaissance Clothing,


When putting together a plus size renaissance clothing outfit, remember that the class of the character you wish to portray matters!

If you wish to achieve a look worn by lower class people of the era, pick pieces made from basic wool or linen in natural colors and with less decoration. Peasants would wear a chemise, skirts, and a bodice that tied in the front as they could not afford a servant to dress them. Cover your head with a cap, and pair the outfit with a leather belt, boots and a matching leather satchel.

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