Ravishing Romans Plus Size Clothing!

Pulling off Romans plus size clothing may seem a daunting task, considering how many retailers pay little attention to plus size apparel in general. Although the face of modern fashion has developed and evolved greatly over the past few years, and the days of being forced into lackluster and ill-fitting clothes are long gone for curvy women, brands that are currently catering to full-figured women still offer limited options to choose from, so finding Roman clothes to fit your figure may be a difficult task! However, we’ve come to your rescue and rounded up a list of useful tips and tricks to help you wear Romans plus size clothing in an enticing way.


Romans Plus Size Clothing,

Romans plus size clothing for women is simple in cut, and the basic female garment is referred to as the ‘Stola’. Stola is essentially as long tunic reaching to the ground, and is generally worn over another long tunic, the tunica interior.

Go for a white chiffon maxi dress or any white floor-length dress you can purchase easily from a store, or if you wish to achieve the exact and perfect roman look, consider having a tunic tailored to your needs. Add a wide ornamental border on the lower hem of the tunic, and sleeves formed by the width of the garment over the shoulders, joined by buttons or fancy pins.

Materials to go for include wool, linen, cotton and silk. Although white is considered the primary color for roman dresses, one can opt for pretty much any color, though it is better to stick to a light color palette.

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