Plus Size Wedding Gowns

A wedding is arguably the most important moment of anyone’s life, but it can also be the most stressful. Finding the perfect venue, wedding planner and decor can all be very frustrating, but i am here to help you out on at least one aspect of things. To the bride, the one all crucial piece would have to be the dress, but this can be a large task in itself if you’re a plus size woman. Do not worry though, because i am here to make buying your dress all the more easier, with a range of various plus size wedding gowns below and ways to style them to suit your liking.


The first of the plus size wedding gowns i have here is a very simple dress with a straight skirt and lace accents. The sleeves are elbow length and see through, the patterning making it rather tasteful however, and the neckline has the same lace trimmings. Lace is a huge feature of this dress, and the whole outfit is veiled with it, although the sash is plain, giving an element of traditional bride. This dress would work best with plain white heeled shoes, or even flats if you don’t have a particular liking to high shoes.

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