Plus Size Linen Pants

Sometimes, tight pants or skirts are not something you want to wear, you want some loose flowing pants that you can move around easily in and that don’t feel suffocating when worn. If you agree with this, you need a pair of breezy, floating plus size linen pants, they are super comfortable and sure to let you move as you please with no sort of restriction whatsoever. They may sound hard to style, but below i have many pictures and explanations showing you how to wear them.


One way to wear plus size linen pants is with a simple block color red top and a denim jacket, as shown above. The variety of colors makes it perfect for summery weather and when the pants are white as shown above it will not absorb heat, keeping you cool and carefree. Slip on a pair of sandals with this look, sunglasses, and a tribal style necklace and you are ready to go.

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--> Posted by chiccurvy on April 30, 2015