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Last updated on October 9th, 2017 at 09:34 am

Plus size costumes are always handy items of clothing or a singular item of clothing to have around if you happen to get invited to a costume party or anything similar. Costumes can be quite hard to find if you are a woman with a little extra weight on her side, and you may have to end up sewing them for yourself if you have a particular set of likes and dislikes. Below are 5 ideas and ways to style costumes.


Plus Size Costumes

This first way that you can wear and style plus size costumes is to take a pair of high heeled and block sort of designed heels with straps at the ankle and across the feet. The tights are a lace design with a transparent sort of look. Pair these shoes with a black dress with a wrinkled and pleated skirt which reaches the lower calf and the upper half looks like a corset, with silver designs and a ruched bodice. She is also wearing a velvet cardigan type jacket over her shoulders.

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