How to find the right plus-size modest bridesmaid dresses when your bridesmaids are all different

Somewhere around seventy percent of women in the United States wear street clothes in a size of 12 or more (which is equivalent to a size 8 in bridesmaid dresses)! That means that unless all of your friends disappear when they turn sideways, most of you will have plus-size bridesmaids in your wedding. However, if you’re like most brides, you’re bridesmaids will run the gamut in terms of sizes, and you’ll find yourself at a loss for trying to make them all look good when they walk down the aisle with you.


plus-size modest bridesmaid dresses.

While there is no single right answer about what bridesmaid dress you have to pick out, there are some simple rules you can follow when you pick out plus-size modest bridesmaid dresses for your best friends. First, a lot of plus-size women dislike their arms and try very hard not to show them off whenever possible. So, unless they assure you otherwise, try to stay away from spaghetti straps or strapless bridesmaid dresses. These styles definitely highlight the arms, and aren’t very flattering for a lot of full-figure bridesmaids. Another option is that when you pick a dress, either pick one out that comes with a matching shawl or jacket, or buy your bridesmaids a nice coordinating wrap that they can use to draw attention away from their arms.

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