5 stylish ways to wear a plus size plaid shirt

Plaid is one of the most stylish and old prints in fashion. If you are looking for one specific garment that you can wear in different ways and look stylish, get a plaid shirt and follow our suggestions. You can be formal, super casual, you can mix and match and most importantly, you will always be fashionable.



Let’s get started with basics and take a look at an outfit that is perfect for every body type. Combine your favorite jeans with a blue and black plaid shirt, heeled booties and an shopper bag large enough to carry everything you need during the day. Accessorize with a stud earrings, an interesting ring and red lipstick. During winter add a coat in any basic color like red, blue, camel or brown and a contrasting scarf. You can find the shirt here.

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--> Posted by Klelia on November 15, 2016