18 spring sandals that are both cute and comfortable

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018 at 01:39 pm

Sandals is a great option for shoes during warmer weather. They are lovely and let your feet free to breathe and get some sun.

There are many types of sandals you can choose from to wear to different occasions, still there are some very versatile designs and colors that you can wear with many different outfits.

In this post we have created a collection of 18 cute spring sandals that above all are comfortable so can really enjoy them.

The sandals carry some of the hottest shoe trends for 2017. More specifically :

  • Ankle wrap sandals that put all the emphasis to your ankles either with buckles of with strings or ribbons.
  • Interesting flats and flatform shoes are back with interesting design and colors.
  • Kittens heels and chunky heels are a woman best friend. They are flattering and add a little height without hurting your feet. The perfect option to wear at work.
  • Gladiator style shoes are still a big trends in a more delicate and feminine form.
  • Crisscross vamp shoes are all over this spring.

See our collection of beautiful spring sandals that are both cute and comfortable in the follow image and find the links to them below.


18 cute spring sandals 1 - 18 spring sandals that are both cute and comfortable

The spring sandals in the collection above are perfect to either complete an outfit if they are in a soft neural tone or stand out and make a statement.


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spring sandals1 - 18 spring sandals that are both cute and comfortable

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