10 “juicy” women who took the catwalk!

For many, the perfect body of a woman has the body of Barbie: thin legs, truncated thighs, sensual buttocks, flat belly and naturally rich bust!

But ten women decided to break the excess beauty rules and make a modelling career with their “juicy” silhouettes. Besides, even science … agrees with them, because after measurements, experts have concluded that a woman’s ideal body has curves!

We welcome them because they accept themselves just as they are, admire them for their femininity and charm and hope to make the beginning to represent the real “women” who are among us most sexy . See them posing in highly feminine poses with underwear, swimwear and sensual clothes and take self-confidence lessons:

1. Anastasia Vinogradova

10 juicy women who took the catwalk - 10 "juicy" women who took the catwalk!

Anastasia Vinogradova or Анастасия Виноградова is a Russian photo model equipped with breathtaking feminine curves, a fabulous face and beautiful eyes.


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