Plus size poodle skirts 5 best outfits

Plus size poodle skirts are wide skirts with a swing and mostly in solid bright colors for a plus size woman. In earlier times, Plus size poodle skirt were mainly used in dance parties, where the skirts swung with the steps and the dance. Before the skirts had poodle patches, which were later replaced with flowers and flamingos. During 1950s in America, Plus size poodle skirt were memorable symbols of the “retro” times. During those days, the skirt was featured in most of the magazines and daily newspapers. Hollywood movies mostly featured this attire. Similar designed poodle skirts came back in fashion during 2009 – 2010, just shortened. Plus size poodle skirts are available even today in a variety:


Plus size poodle skirts

PLUS SIZE BULE POODLE SKIRT: the skirt is blue in colour, extends below knee length and completely fits a plus size person. The skirt can be paired with bright colored top or a black and white stripped top.

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