Plus Size Petite Dresses

When you are both a plus size woman, and a short woman too, shopping for clothing for yourself can seem to be almost impossible, no clothes support your size of weight, and you find yourself losing hope with each shopping trip you take. Do not lose anymore, however, because below i have a range of dresses that will cater to both your necessary needs and are stylish too!


Here is a first of the plus size petite dresses that i believe should be a staple in any short and larger than usual woman. The dress is a plain black color but very full skirted, patterned with embroidered polka dots along the skirt’s pleats. The neckline is mesh and shows off cleavage, and the waistline is elasticated to really show off your curves, and it also helps you seem a little taller than usual if you wear a pair of high black shoes.

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--> Posted by chiccurvy on April 30, 2015