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Gone are the days when plus size clothing was dull and dreary. Nowadays clothing manufacturers, including some of the leading fashion houses, have realized that larger ladies and bigger girls are an important part of their customer base and so they are making more and more trendy and fashionable garments in plus sizes.


Plus size fashions,

Whatever kind of plus size fashions appeal to you, you will find that there is now an enormous amount of choice available to you. Designer blouses, for example, come in a multitude of colors and styles, from simple tunics to elaborately embroidered or boldly patterned plus size blouses.

Whereas previously every fashion collection presented to the public featured skinny girls whose long, thin legs would make a plump person feel completely out of place, nowadays plus size models are in demand. Not only do you get a better idea of what trendy plus size clothing looks like on a women who is the same size and shape as you, but the fact that plus size people are models, acts as an inspiration to those who may feel they are a little larger than life.


In addition to real life plus size models, another selling trend that some shops have embraced is the plus size mannequin, some of which even have slightly building tummies to make even the plumpest amongst us feel at home.

Every season new clothing collections are released, some on the runways and others simply in store. The same applies to plus size designer clothing, and you should always be on the look-out for what’s new and exciting.


Some of the trends I have spotted in the current autumn/winter collections show that both prints and patterns are making a comeback on the hangers and mannequins. While plus size ladies need to be a little careful of too much pattern, combining say a patterned dress with a stylish jacket or jersey that is plain and either matches a color in the pattern or contrasts with it can be the perfect foil.


But you also need to know how you can work with the proportions of your own body and wear trendy plus size clothing successfully. Instead of wearing a loose-fitting cardigan over jeans to hide your hips, try wearing a belt below your bust to detract from them. That will give your figure a definitive shape, making the best of your curves.


Plus size tunics are particularly fashionable at the moment and they are great for the larger figure. The great thing about them is that they are available with a wide range of different necklines. Also some have embedded empire waist lines, while others are loose fitting. This means that you can play around with the different options and settle on a trendy plus size tunic that flatters your particular body type.


Another trend this fall is jeggings, which is a pants style not unlike old fashioned leggings, but with some inspiration from those super-skinny jeans. Don’t be put off by the fact that they are tight fitting, and will hug your curves. Instead team them up with a plus size designer top that tastefully covers your bottom and hips. This will draw attention to your upper body and your face. So make the most of it.


Like all types of clothing – regardless of size – plus size fashions are available in all price ranges. If you buy designer blouses for example, you are likely to pay a lot more than other plus size blouses found on the shelves without a designer label. But the point is that you will find trendy plus size clothing in every price range. My advice is to go for it!

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