Plus Size Coats 5 best outfits

Plus size coats are a necessary item to your wardrobe once the autumn and winter months come around and the first leaves from the trees begin to fall and the hints of frost begin to show up on the pavements. Coats can come in many different styles, lengths and colors, and so surely at least one or two will catch your eye and inspire or determine your next purchase. Whether it is a light autumnal coat you are after, or a bulky winter sort, below has every option covered right to the core.


Plus Size Coats

The first example of plus size coats is this example above, it has been worn over the classical combination of transparent shirt and cutoff shorts, and is a bright turquoise in color with black buttons that contrast nicely. The coat is also double breasted with two double pockets and sleeves that fold over to create a fashion statement. The coat is also rather short and wont distract from your outfit beneath if you open it up fully.

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