7 flattering color block dresses for spring

Color block dresses are a hot trend that tends to be classic. The interesting part is that you can create color block outfits in eccentric ways or you can be more discreet with neutral color shades. The first step to try color blocking is to choose a classic dress, where two or more colors are combined and you can accessorize according to the occasion.

Color block dresses for work

Black, white and beige is the safest and most stylish combination in color block dresses. This dress is perfect to wear at the office or a conference and it flatters curvy silhouettes. You can wear it with black, white or beige heels to make your feet look longer, chic french manicure and a statement necklace. Black and white allow you to wear any accessory you want. You can find the dress here.

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--> Posted by Klelia on March 1, 2017